PolyRhythmComposer PolyRhythm Composer
Sal Sofia Publications, 1992.


The PolyRhythm Composer (PRC) Software is an architectonic file of
polyrhythms, from basic patterns to composed song applications.

The number system used to program the PRC software was
designed for use with the Roland R-70 Human Rhythm Composer
(but not exclusively limited to the R-70), and acts like an interface to
unlock the metronome markings barrier for composers to write and
hear polyrhythms with R-70.  In addition, by applying the Table

of Relative Metronome Markings for Polyrhythms, the PRC software
allows the R-70 user to virtually customize their own polyrhythm
patterns or compositions in a potentially unlimited number of file
formats to call upon when the need for polyrhythm composition is

The PRC library of ninety-nine dynamically composed polyrhythm
patterns and fourteen song applications is stored on a M-256 ROM
card, and is ready to be installed (dumped) into your R-70 to be
heard and played.

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